EC tarafından Küme 5 Çalışma Programındaki Çağrılara İlişkin Yapılan Açıklamalar- Enerji Çağrı Başlıkları

Yayınlanma Tarihi: 09-01-2024

Bilindiği üzere, paydaşlar ve Ulusal İrtibat Noktaları tarafından Avrupa Komisyonu’na iletilen sorular ve cevaplarına ilişkin Ufuk Avrupa sitesinde bir sayfa oluşturulmuştur. 

Söz konusu sayfaya buradan ulaşılabilmektedir. 

Halihazırda Komisyon tarafından son dönemde, enerji alanı özelindeki çağrı başlıklarına ilişkin çok sayıda soru-cevap iletilmiş olup detayları ise aşağıda bilgilerinize sunulmaktadır.

İlgilendiğiniz çağrı başlığı kapsamında bir sorunuz bulunması halinde bizlere adresinden ulaşabilirsiniz. 

HORIZON-CL5-2024-D3-01-08: Demonstration of sustainable wave energy farms

Question:Is the wave energy farm expected to be attached to the port water breakers or in open water? Which distance is expected from the mainland?

  • Reply: The topic does not specify where the devices should be located, this is up to applicants to define the best configuration. The wave energy farms have to be connected to the electricity grid. The innovation component should mainly lie on the pilot farm systems, thus supporting industrial manufacturing activities that enable a cost-effective and high-performance pilot farm.

HORIZON-CL5-2024-D4-02-05 Digital solutions to foster participative design, planning and management of buildings, neighbourhoods and urban districts (Built4People Partnership)

Question: What is the definition of ‘deep renovation’  as mentioned in the topic text?

  • Reply: In the context of the topic, renovation means any kind of energy-related building renovation, which has the aim of increasing the energy performance of buildings. The Commission Recommendation (EU) 2019/786 of 8 May 2019 on building renovation categorises a renovation as deep if it targets over 60% of primary energy savings. In the specific context of this Topic, applicants can use regional/national definitions of deep energy-related renovation or a 60% reduction in energy use.

HORIZON-CL5-2024-D4-01-03: Alternative heating systems for efficient, flexible and electrified heat generation in industry

Question 1: Is a heating process at very high temperatures (800-950ºC) in the scope of the topic? 

  • Reply: A heating technology that is contactless, applied precisely where needed and with shortened reaction times, to heat a process at very high temperatures (800-950ºC) is in scope, as it is not excluded by the Note “the electrification of furnaces to heat large volumes at very high temperatures is not in the scope of this topic, because it is covered in Cluster4 work programme”, which specifically refers to “heating large volumes”. Some of the technologies listed in the scope as examples are indeed capable of very high temperatures.

Question 2: On the meaning of ‘contactless’: are hot air or steam considered as “unconventional and contactless heat sources”? Is the frequency of the sources an important criterion? 

  • Reply: : Hot air or steam are neither unconventional nor contactless. The frequency of the source is not a criterion, but the reaction time must be short.

HORIZON-CL5-2024-D3-01-15 HVAC, HVDC and High-Power cable systems

Question : Does the topic text mean that a proposal could have two activities (at least one activity in subtopic A, B, C) but that they must have two validation tests in different EU member states/associated countries?

Reply: The topic requires the following conditions to be met:

    1. Three (3) activities from any of the points in A, B, D, E, F are mandatory to be chosen
    2. Two demos are mandatory, each in a different MS or AC.
    3. In each demo, AT LEAST 1 of the 3 selected activities are mandatory to be tested